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Bearing Capacity Testing Services
Geotechnical & Environmental Investigation Services
Geo-engineering Consulting Services
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Static/Dynamic Sensing & Monitoring Services
Pile Integrity Test
Safety Monitoring of Adjoining Structure
Retaining Wall/Surcharge Monitoring System
Static/Dynamic Sensing of Various Structure
Geo-Environmental Investigation Services
Primary Investigation with available Information such as Aerial Photograph, Terrain Map, Housing Map, History of Use/Discharge of Hazardous Substances, Geological Map, Ground Water Data, Register, etc.
Boring/Sampling of Soil/Ground Water
Surface Layer Gas Investigation (VOC)
Surface Layer Soil Investigation (Heavy Metal, Agricultural Chemicals)
Portable Gas Chromatograph On-Site Analysis
MIP/Video Cone/FFD Direct Sensing
Geotechnical Investigation Services
Multi-Component Cone Penetration Test
Automatic Ram Sounding Test
Sweden Sounding Test
Portable Cone Penetration Test
Lateral Load Test (LLT)
In-Place Rock Shear Test
CBR Test
Bearing Capacity Testing Services
Static Pile Load Test (Axially Loaded Compression/Tension, Transversally Loaded)
Pseudo-Static Pile Load Test (Axially Loaded Compression)
Dynamic Pile Load Test (Axially Loaded Compression)
Plate Load Test on Soil Ground
Plate Load Test on Soils for Road
Rigid Plate Load Test on Rocks
Large Plate Load Test with Repeat Anchor
Plate Load Test for Deep Piers
Plate Load Test for Deep Borehole
Purification Treatment Countermeasure
Vacuum Extraction
Air Sparging
Testing/Experiment Consulting Service
Planning, Preparing Proposal
Offering Testing Field
Execution of Testing/Experiment
Performing Analysis & Making Report    An Example of Analysis Outputs >>
Possessing Machineries/Apparatus
Geotechnical Investigation/ Well Drilling Works
Sensing & Monitoring Services
Pile Load Test
Field Investigation/Testing Flow Chart
Testing Flow Chart
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