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Geotechnical & Environmental Investigation Services
Static/Dynamic Sensing & Monitoring Services
Pile Integrity Test
Safety Monitoring of Adjoining Structure
Retaining Wall/Surcharge Monitoring System
Static/Dynamic Sensing of Various Structure
Geo-Environmental Investigation Services
Primary Investigation with available Information such as Aerial Photograph, Terrain Map, Housing Map, History of Use/Discharge of Hazardous Substances, Geological Map, Ground Water Data, Register, etc.
Boring/Sampling of Soil/Ground Water
Surface Layer Gas Investigation (VOC)
Surface Layer Soil Investigation (Heavy Metal, Agricultural Chemicals)
Portable Gas Chromatograph On-Site Analysis
MIP/Video Cone/FFD Direct Sensing
Geotechnical Investigation Services
Multi-Component Cone Penetration Test
Automatic Ram Sounding Test
Sweden Sounding Test
Portable Cone Penetration Test
Lateral Load Test (LLT)
In-Place Rock Shear Test
CBR Test
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